The Comfort of Pubs

I’ve always liked pubs, I see all kinds of people there. People come and people go, some are old regulars, and others only come once and never again, but it’s people, you can’t help but be sympathetic. They have all sorts of stories and all sorts of backgrounds, and some like to talk, others like to listen, and the pub is the perfect place for it. This blog won’t even nearly be like a real pub with all the hustle and bustle of guests, and the spillings of beer on the floor, but I’ll make the assumption that if you’re reading this, you share my love of pubs.

Beer is a great excuse to go out and hang out with someone, better than coffee, I’d say, but it would be weird if you drank beer at 8 am, so let’s just say that beer is coffee’s nighttime counterpart. A great beer is like a great friend – it makes you open up to the world.

Pubs are the best places for making friends, if you ask me. I’ve met many of my closest friends in pubs. Well, not all of them, but with some, we were just acquaintances, and then one day at a mutual get-together at a pub we found out we had a lot of things in common, like, we both liked beer (haha), but also had the same views on some things, or the same sense of humor, or even some of the same interests.

Some people think that pubs are a waste of time. If they feel that way, they have probably either never been to one, or haven’t found the right people. Because, you see, pubs are for friends, I said this already. It’s more than just drinking beer. It’s also about having conversations, making plans, discovering something new, having fun, escaping the world for a while, meeting new people…

Beer and pubs are like bread and butter – inseparable. Sure, you can make yourself a nice soda with your soda maker from Appliances Reviewed, it’s ready in an instant, but beer, you have to wait for weeks and then taste the fruits of your labor. And it’s always worth the wait, even if it’s the most disgusting beer you’ve ever made.

I went off on a tangent there, but I hope you can see my point. There are few things as charming as a nice pub. A pub is a big hug with a beer in its hands.