Something for Everyone

Beer drinkers make fast friends and my neighbor is no exception. He loves to come over for a cold brew now and then. He knows I have the good stuff. As we talk and watch a game, we bond in seconds. There is something about beer that does this. It is not the only reason to indulge, of course, as there is the great taste and refreshing experience. I love trying out new brands. My neighbor goes along with the ride, either in my man cave den or out at a local brewpub. It gives us something to share. Who doesn’t like beer!

In addition to sharing a preferred beverage, I also like to help my neighbor with odds and ends. There are certain chores that you can’t do alone. I might hold the ladder for him as he climbs to the roof to clean the eaves. I can stand by while he power hoses the front walk so he will include mine. We join forces to clean the yard or garage, especially when heavy lifting is involved. No job is too large or too small to help my buddy. What are neighbors for? I love his family and look forward to the annual block party when everyone on the street comes out. The kids are in full force. This year my neighbor is in charge. Of course there will be grills placed strategically along the street, with each house cooking their own specialty. I can smell it now! Hot dogs, hamburgers, ribs and chicken. The barbecues are a beacon for hungry folk.

There will be fun and games galore and a big bounce house for the tots after I found a cheap one at I have to stick my nose in the planning so we can also have some adult activities. Of course we will play softball with the kids and eat all the great fare, but there has to be a beer keg to satisfy my needs, especially during a celebration. I know most of my neighbors will agree. So, I order the largest size and select the brew I prefer. I expect it to be a winner. The event is a way to get everyone out and mingling for an entire day. After each block party, we come to know one another a little bit better. Now I can help others with their routine chores. Wow. This will keep me very busy.

No matter. There is nothing as valuable as a good neighbor. It also helps improve the safety quotient in the environs. Kids feel free to wander and roam and some find their way into my backyard. Of course, I keep the beer under lock and key lest the teens want a taste of what Smith’s pub has to offer. I have a reputation. But when the guy next door pops over, the cold bottles come out to be shared. Beer drinking is a communal affair and not just for solitary souls.