New Year, New Bill?

Beer drinkers are known to have a little paunch. It comes with the territory so it seems. If you indulge in three or four at a time, you will soon pack on the rotund pounds. It is the only drawback of this wonderful beverage. There is something about brew that morphs your abdomen into a keg-shaped monstrosity. My doctor has warned me many times and so far, I am not there yet. While men are the most common victims of a “beer belly,” there is something they can do to ward off the inevitable. For appearance and health reasons, it is important to take up bike training or some other aerobic activity to keep the fat at bay.

Don’t panic. Beer is not dangerous. It is how much you imbibe; in other words, a mere matter of calories. It is like anything else: sweets, bread or pasta. If you drank beer but didn’t eat, I suppose there would be no weight gain. Nevertheless, I like more than one a day, so it is time to start my New Year’s resolution of a new Bill. If it is a choice between beer and exercise, I won’t have to make the tough decision as I can do both for maximum benefit. Alcohol calories are tough to control, especially for a brew lover like me. This means more time on the bike with the encouragement of my trainer. I don’t mind the hours at the gym as I can watch TV, read or talk with others.

My doctor warns me that beer goes well with hamburgers, chicken wings and pizza, and the like, and so is extra caloric as a rule. I would prefer to cut back on the food rather than the suds. I just put an image of a big belly before my eyes at a party or sitting at a bar, and I have self-control. When I have a lapse of judgment, it is back on the bike trainer – it’s one of these: This is good advice for anyone in my shoes. We all have a different body chemistry so take it as a general rule of thumb. My doc says that men have less subcutaneous fat than women, so extra calories automatically go to the stomach rather than the hips. You can spot an inveterate beer drinker a mile away.

If you aren’t active, your belly will show as you get older, so get on that bike right now! Hormone changes in middle age are a big culprit. If you develop bad habits while young you will regret it later. It is tougher to cut back than to start out with the right attitude. If you aren’t convinced, read any article on the subject and you will get a warning about diabetes type 2, obesity, high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease. I don’t want to spoil the fun, but without that bike trainer, you are aiming for trouble. A final word of encouragement: there are some great lite beers. It can be a win-win situation.