As Crafty As I Get

Many nights you will find me ensconced on a bar stool sipping my favorite brew. I don’t go for the obvious and like local products along with the larger brands. It is all good to me. No, I am not an alcoholic. Not by far. I just love beer and the camaraderie that goes with it when you enjoy it on tap and in a tall glass. There are a few great places in the neighborhood at which I can find a friendly face and an accommodating waitress. Let’s hear it for the best beverage on earth! While I could certainly make my own at home, I am not into a private mini brewery. As mentioned, I like getting out and about. Smith’s Pub is really in my head as a virtual reality and it consists of many places all rolled into one.

When at home, I have plenty to do. I am a self-styled handyman and a lover of old movies. Sometimes both activities happen on the same day. For example, recently I got some great coasters from a bar and took them to my workbench in the garage to make a unique display. I am not sure if I had seen this somewhere or why it popped into my head; but there it was—a compelling idea. Now I am not an artist by any means and this is as crafty as I get. It is a nice way to celebrate my life with beer as an aficionado. Barhopping for me has a real purpose. Meanwhile, I took the various coasters, not all matching, and assembled them in a “collage.” I found some corkboard in the hobby shop downtown that would serve as a solid background for my wall hanging.

This was a beer-themed artwork for my “man cave” which happens to do double duty as the den. It houses my modest entertainment center where I have everything I need to pass idle hours. The plasma TV isn’t the biggest, but grand enough to watch ball games and entertain my nephew who comes visiting. He likes all the gadgets in the room. I just pray they stay intact. The next time he comes over, he will see something different on the wall. The coasters will be mounted by means of a staple gun from Staple Slinger and will find a prominent position on the one open wall. The rest of the room consists of bookshelves and storage.

If I get tired of the coasters, I can pull them off anytime with a stapler remover and put up new ones. Thus I am in search of something colorful with obvious beer logos. This will not be hard to find. My friends have even gotten in on the action and are starting to look on my behalf. I bet I will have tons of glorious coasters in no time at all. I have a new hobby and it is right up my alley.