Taking Flight at my Local Pub

Went out to a pub last night with a few friends. We all sat down to order and the beer menu was impressive. Rather than get incredibly drunk, I chose a few beers that were the most interesting to ask the server about when he came back. After she and I chatted, we narrowed it down to a few and I ordered them as a beer flight.

Oh, beer flights. How awesome are those, right?

If you don’t know what a flight is, it is usually four different beers served together. Usually they’ll be put on something similar to a wooden paddle with the names of the beer written in chalk. They’re often arranged from lightest in color to the darkest in color. Some places will let you pick each beer in the flight and other times, the beers are specially selected by the establishment because they are featured drinks. Some places do other drinks as flights but I like beer flights best.

I got my drinks and they all looked so good. I started with the lightest beer, a pale lager. It was ok, not my favorite, and I ended up passing it off to a friend so that I could start on the next drink, an IPA (or India Pale Ale). This one was much more to my liking. It had a really nice citrus and hops flavor that was smooth down to the last drop.

From there, I went on to the Brown Ale, which looked almost like maple syrup in color. Luckily, that’s not what it tasted like! It was a little sweet but spicy, too. It was a nice combo. I couldn’t imagine drinking this on a hot day, though. It was little much. I only drank about half of this one as well.

The last beer that I had in my flight was a stout. Whoo, man, that beer was dark. It looked like black coffee and tasted almost like a meal. It was good, but heavy. It tasted creamy and delicious. I could totally see myself huddled in a bar on one of the many cold nights we have around here, drinking a stout and feeling it warm me from the inside out. I didn’t drink all of this one, either, as much as I wanted to. It was just too hearty, if that’s a thing.

The waiter came back and I ordered another glass of the IPA, since it had been my favorite of the four. He tried to get me to try another flight. I was tempted, yes, but I decided to stick with something I knew I liked just to make life easier. Besides, by then the conversation was in full swing and everyone was having a good time. I didn’t want to be paying attention to what I was drinking anymore. I just wanted something that tasted good, you know?

That was my night last night. What about you?