It’s an Expensive Hobby

I have the greatest man cave, a super space at home that I can call my own. I can do whatever I like with or without the guys. If I want to smoke, no one will complain. When it comes to cigars, it is a different animal. People aren’t use to the smell and become instantly offended. In my own world, I am king and the box of cigars from Havana is right in front of me on the coffee table. Thank God they opened Cuba. I can be stretched out on the comfy leather couch and puff away. I had thought about an air purifier, but if I am the only person down there, why bother. My friends like them too. If not, they pull out their favorite cigarettes. We are apparently out of tune with trends. No matter. It is a matter of cost at this point. I don’t want to make cigars an expensive hobby such that I have to smoke them out of doors.

Unlike some cigarettes, cigar smoke is intense and it takes a really good quality unit to take care of the telltale signs. You can’t get just any air purifier, especially not the budget model at the drug store next to hair dryers and hot curlers. If I care at all about the air in my space, I had better get the best. They are amazing, which tempts me to go for it. They clean the air and produce a fresh environment. They are great for other issues like antigens and pollen in the air. Pet odor is gone in seconds. No need to spray with sickly sweet scent. Candles are a pain and may burn the place down. A new air purifier from Clean Breathing it is and the best brand possible.

My man cave is almost sacred among my friends and we all love to drink beer in this makeshift pub. Needless to say, I am an avid fan of brew. It can come from a small or large company as long as it tastes good. Many do and I have trouble deciding. I could fill the place with cases and cases of the stuff. You can see I have many pastimes. Basically, I also want a place where I can sit and record a story about my day or something that maybe made me laugh, or even what I’ve been drinking lately and what I am up to. Think of my blog as a kind of virtual pub where the male imagination can run wild and pleasure is at its maximum. Smoking and drinking are tops on the list of many guys for their leisure time. After all, we work hard and some take care of big families. We juggle responsibilities and make time for errands and household tasks. When it is time for rest and relaxation, we want to relax and not be bothered. TV, movies, video games and cards are okay in my home.