Staying in For the Night

I do have a pretty nice bar setup here at home. I’ve got some nice shelving, an awesome kegerator, and some quality top-shelf alcohol and beer. It’s been a long process to finally collect everything – I started a couple of years ago with just some off brand liquors, a cheap cocktail shaker, and an empty kitchen cabinet. Through lots of trial and error with different brands of alcohol and a variety of tools, I was able to swap things out and upgrade as I got the money to do so.

As I said, it has taken a couple of years to get everything pretty much how I wanted it, which meant it was the perfect time for a party. So I made a few phone calls and invited a few friends over. In typical fashion, they invited their friends over, and so on.

It actually ended up being quite a crowd. I’ve never had that many people at my place before. I was worried the neighbors would get upset, so I went over there with a few other people and we invited them over, too. We figured if they were in on it, it would be harder for them to complain about the crowds and the noise. Or they’d be having too good of a time to notice the cars up and down the street and all the noise.

Normally I am not great with people I don’t know, but this was at my place so I had a bit of a home-field advantage. Another great thing was that I could just keep myself busy behind the bar whenever things got awkward and I needed something to do. Which was pretty often.

Being the bartender certainly did keep me busy, but it was fun. I made a lot of Manhattans, Old Fashioneds, Martinis, and a couple of Bloody Marys (although I did not have the celery garnish because somebody ate them all with the vegetable dip I had put out. Note to self: next time set a few aside). I even had to make a Sazerac, which I didn’t know how to do and needed to look up. People are weird.

It was a long night of shaken and stirred, and people seemed to have a good time. Just about everything you can hope for at a party. The friends of friends mingled nicely with the friends, and I got to know a few more people that turned out to be worth having conversations with.

At the end of the party, cabs were called and couches were crashed on. It was the responsible thing to do, after all. It was a good time and I was happy that all the effort I’ve put into my little bar paid off. I have to replace a lot of the bottles now, but that’s OK. It’s for a good reason!